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Welcome to Shelter Life at the East Bay Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

We began as the Oakland SPCA in 1874. Today, the East Bay SPCA includes two animal shelters and three clinics in our community.

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Monday, July 03, 2006

It's the pits to be pit mix.

Pit mixes have it tough. They aren't pittie enough for the true pit bull lovers and they are too pittie for regular clients looking for a nice mixed breed dog. So they get stuck in the middle, endlessly waiting for someone to look past their appearance and notice their personality and temperament.

We try to have a couple nice pit mixes in our shelters at any one time. Too many of them turns the clients off and we get a reputation as "only having pit bulls". But too few of them means we aren't really doing our job helping adoptable dogs in the East Bay find responsible homes.

They also take forever to get adopted. The last pit mix we took in came from Martinez months and months and months ago. Buddy, a super great dog, is pit pointer mix. He was great with other dogs, loved people and was well trained. But here he sat. Waiting for someone to notice all his great qualities. Finally, after making the rounds at both of our shelters and doing a stint in our Paws to Consider program, he got adopted this past week.

And this gave us the chance to take in another pit mix. Volunteers at Oakland Animal Services told us about Spanky. So we went to check him out. He had been there since March. That fact alone tells us that he must be a good, stable dog. He didn't do great on his temperament test, but we took him anyway to give him a shot and a different audience. Hopefully he does well here and gets a home soon. Only time will tell.

It's the pits to be a pit mix.

YEAH!!! I'm so glad that Buddy got adopted. It's really great that you have room for another wonderful pit bull mix.


We adopted a pit mix last year from our shelter in Houston (I read you because our very first baby came from the Oakland shelter). Our Elliot is a lab/Staffordshire mix and he is a terrific dog. In future we will look especially for pit mix dogs- great combination of personality and smarts! Just wait, Spanky- there is someone out there who will see you for the great dog you are. And shame on pit bull enthusiasts for not taking in the mixes. You should know better!


Pit bull mixes rock! Our Elliot (Yellow Lab/Staffy mix) is the biggest clown ever. Shame on Pit owners for not making space in their lives for these mixes- they KNOW better!

Good luck Spanky! Our first baby came from the Oakland shelter and we're rooting for you!


Hi Leanne!

You never told me your first baby (McKenna presumably, not Coop!) came from Oakland!

Elliot is a goof. We'd love him all up here.


I just adopted a Pointer/Pit mix in Austin, Texas and I she is the BEST dog. She is very loving and great with the kids. I took her to the vet and she does have a bad hip from being hit by a car, but also has been peppered several times by buck shot. Pits do have a bad name, and my vet said it is common for a dog like her, despite her wonderful qualities, to be shot on the spot for having pit in her.


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