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Welcome to Shelter Life at the East Bay Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

We began as the Oakland SPCA in 1874. Today, the East Bay SPCA includes two animal shelters and three clinics in our community.

This is our day.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Yo Hablo Espanol...sort of

Here at the Oakland Adoption center we see an incredibly diverse rainbow of clients. It is one of the reasons I love working here! The downside is that some folks who come looking to add a new companion to their lives do not speak English. I can speak enough Spanish to get by, and this comes in pretty handy from time to time. It is also a real gift to be able this year to hand out Spanish language materials to all our adopters.

I am always so amazed at a client's delight when I greet them in Spanish with "Puedo aydarle?" which is "Can I help you?" From there we muddle through with my Spanish and a little English and some gesturing and referencing to the written materials we have.

Last weekend there were a couple and two children in to look at a dog. They had never had a dog before and the Canine Associates had them out with several dogs. Finally, they decided on one they wanted and I was asked to come and do the "dog talk." That is the conversation to help folks plan for success in bringing home a new dog.

We actually had a great conversation. They were very patient with my frequent search for the right word. They asked great questions. At the end they placed a dog on hold while overnight they reviewed the Spanish packet I gave them. The next morning I got a call on my office phone. They thanked me for the time spent with them and the great information. They had decided to really think more about having a dog and were not ready at this time.

In my opinion, this is a great outcome.

There is nothing that makes me happier than when people really take seriously the commitment to an animal. I am pretty sure I will see this family again one day, and I am confident they will be ready.

A todos que venir para visitar los animales, gracias para pensar en los animales aqui.

Si, necesita alguien quien habla espanol, me llamo Nann y hablo bastante espanol para tener una conversacion y decir bien venidos.

It's wonderful to have a person who can communicate in spanish. It'll help more dogs find a forever home.


Can we pleeeeeease get updates on Malcom the white cat with the toupee on his head? When I last heard, he's currently a sheltercat at Tri-Valley, he's such a beautiful cat.


Malcolm was adopted back in October of last year! He's doing great in his new home, and has a cat buddy who loves to play with him.


Here is one of my favorite pictures of Malcolm -- him looking out the window to the parking lot, as we head home after a long day.

Click here and then maximize the window


he's sooooooooooo cute, I can never get enough of him. It's great to know he has found a home though, thank you so much for another great picture, he's makes my heart skip a beat just because he's so beautiful. My sister and I are crazy about him.


wow! I didn't know that, his pictures disappeared last year and I thought it was because he became a shelter cat! Thank you for that great picture of malcom looking out of the window, he's TOO CUTE! My sister and I are crazy about him (can't adopt anymore, already have 2 cats).


Yes he is a cute big cat. You had to see his funny face in person though, 2D pictures don't do him justice. Very adorable.


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