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Welcome to Shelter Life at the East Bay Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

We began as the Oakland SPCA in 1874. Today, the East Bay SPCA includes two animal shelters and three clinics in our community.

This is our day.

Friday, October 06, 2006

The Shayna Curse

There is an anomaly in the video game universe called "The Madden Curse." Every year a new John Madden football game (the most popular football series out there) is released to reflect team changes from season to season. Each year a well know, talented player is selected to be featured on the cover of the cases the games come in. Each year something horrible, often an injury, happens to whatever player graces that cover.

There is a portion of our website called 'Staff Picks.' We each select a cat or a dog we particularly like to be featured on the page with us. In the last several months I have had four or five staff picks. Every one of them, seemingly perfect dogs at the time, have been pulled out of adoptions or quickly adopted out and returned for a behavior problem. Some have been able to return to adoptions with some training and evaluations and have happy endings. Others have not.

My most recent staff pick was taken off of our website when she was adopted (only a week or so after we took our picture together), and was returned within a few days for growling at a member of the household. I never in a million years expected this to happen. We're working with her now, she may still have a happy ending, but I don't know for sure.

Today I need to choose a new staff pick. I want to do it because I love featuring animals that are special to me on our website, but I have to say I'm a little nervous. If I choose a great dog, even one who has consistently been a great dog for months, will something go wrong? How will I break the Shayna curse?

Hey, have *me* pose with a pet and have a "volunteer pick". I seem to have freaky good luck with animals. I'd name them, but no one remembers them. Okay, except for Sweet Pea, but there is always an exception to the rule.



I´m glad about this blog.Yeah,i love the animals,in special the dogs.Greetings from Spain


Elaine, that is a great idea! I am going to ask the Volunteer Manager to set that up. I love the idea of a "Volunteer Pick."

You want to be first??


I remember a lot of the animals. In this case, however, mostly Tri-Valley animals.


Oh Kirsten, I am sorry I did not get back to you in so long. The RSS feed between your blog and my livejournal stopped working.

I'd love to be the first volunteer pick of the week person. :)


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